No. 225, September 2011

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On the Cover: Robbie Robertson. The legendary guitarist opens up about the Band, collaborating with Eric Clapton, and his collection of vintage Martins.


  • Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan  "Stuck in the Middle"
  • W.C. Handy – "St. Louis Blues"
  • Celtic Standard – "The Lark in the Morning"

Features: G. Love. On Fixin' to Die, the Philadelphia native churns out his bluesy take on Americana--with help from the Avett BrothersR.S. Muth Guitars Profile. New York State luthier builds innovative steel-string flattops; Balancing Fact and Fiction. How to make your songs “true enough,” so they resonate as true even when you’ve made up some of the details.


  • Lightnin’ Hopkins Lesson – A lesson in the style of the legendary blues artist
  • Fretting with the Picking Hand Lesson – Creating new chord voicings by fretting with both hands
  • Eight-Bar Blues Patterns – Learn to play the blues over these shorter-than-usual progressions
  • Jamming on the I, IV, and V Chords Lesson – Spot progressions built around these three important chords, and put them to work at your next jam session 

Gear Reviews:

  • 5 Adirondack-Top Dreadnoughts from Blueridge, Boucher, Eastman, Martin, and Santa Cruz. 
  • Guild F-30CE Standard
  • ZT Acoustic Lunchbox Amp 

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