Shipping Rates

Please note: due to an unexpected issue at our fulfillment center, book orders may be delayed. Our usual estimate is 5-9 business days for delivery within the US; at this time we advise it may be 10-16 business days. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Delivery times for magazines are not affected and digital products continue to be fulfilled instantly.

We want to send you awesome stuff – books to improve your technique, expand your repertoire, and inspire you; accessories to show off your dedication to the instrument; and gear to make playing more fun and easy.

But, shipping these products around the world is expensive! Our shipping costs are real – and the amount we collect on shipping and handling from our customers covers only a portion of what we actually pay out for postage. 

Here's the price you can expect to pay depending on what you order and where you live.

Here’s what we charge for shipping:

If your order is being shipped within the United States

You pay for shipping based on the value of your order. For example, when you buy more than one book at once, it’s more efficient for us to ship than when they’re purchased individually - so we’re passing the savings back to you!

Order Subtotal

Shipping Rate


Less than $20



$20 or more



$50 or more



$75 or more



$100 or more




If your order is being shipped outside of the United States

You pay for shipping based on the total weight of products in your order.

Total Weight




8 oz or less




Up to 2 lbs




Up to 5 lbs




Up to 10 lbs





If you’re ordering a magazine subscription, our postage & delivery rates are as follows.


US Postage

Canada Postage

International Postage

1 year




2 years




3 years