Download Instructions

If you ordered a digital product from us, you will automatically receive an email with a unique download link. This email will come from "". Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you do not see this notification in your inbox.

When you click on your unique download link, you will see a list of all the files that make up the product(s) you have ordered. These are the files you need to download.

Please be sure to right-click the file and select "save link as" to ensure your download saves directly to your computer or other device.

Downloading the file directly to your computer is necessary for future viewing, whether on or offline. Clicking the link without choosing the option to download the linked file may open the file with your web browser - this can cause issues with playback or cause your order to expire, depending on your web browser and personal settings.

Please note that with each file you are allowed a maximum of three downloads. We offer this to enable downloading across multiple devices or in the case that you lose the file and need to download it again. If you have run out of downloads and need assistance, please contact Customer Service, include your order number, and let us know why additional downloads are required.

Some of our products come bundled as a single zip file. If you are having trouble with this format, watch the video below.

For written instructions on how to download and access your zipped guide on a PC click here, or for iPad instructions click here.