No. 226, October 2011

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On the Cover: Sarah Jarosz. The rising star and multi-instrumentalist discusses guitars, octave mandolins, and her expansive and adventurous sophomore album. 


  • Bob Dylan  "Lay Lady Lay"
  • Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne  "Free Fallin'"
  • John Prine  "Souvenirs"

Features: Richard Thompson on Songwriting and the Guitar. How the renowned folk-rock guitarist uses his instrument to find new songs; Players Choice Awards 2011. Acoustic Guitar readers vote for their favorite products in 36 categories; Gibson Brothers. The bluegrass siblings from upstate New York traffic in tight harmonies and acoustic guitar playing that’s rich in groove and tone; Write Like the Beatles. Learn how the Fab Four borrowed from relative and parallel keys to create their unique chord progressions;


  • Standard Tuning Fingerstyle Lesson. Belgian guitarist Jacques Stotzem talks about the importance of melody and emotion in fingerstyle arrangements.
  • The Blues Scale and Simple Lead Licks. Use the notes of the blues scale to create repeating riffs in your blues solos. 
  • Guide Tone Chords Lesson. Learn how to build and understand these foundational jazz guitar chords.

Gear Reviews:

  • Taylor 416ce 
  • Martin DRS1

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