No. 227, November 2011

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On the Cover: Five Contemporary Classical Luthiers. How Gil Carnal, Stephan Connor, Richard Prenkert, Pepe Romero, Jr., and Florian Vorreiter are working on the further evolution of the classical guitar.


  • Vonie Morrison and Johnny Russel  "Act Naturally"
  • Irish Traditional – "Whiskey in the Jar"
  • Fernando Sor – "Op. 35, No. 22" 

Features: Rory Block. The fingerstyle blues guitarist talks about the foundations of country blues guitar, open tunings, wild notes, and the beauty of unpredictability; David Tanenbaum. The classical guitarist talks about outside influences in contemporary classical music and composing away from the guitar; Waltzing Through History. Marc Teicholz and Guitar Salon International create an album of classic waltzes played on some of the finest instruments of the past 150 years; All About Neck Resets. Neck resets are often needed on older flattops, and here’s how they’re done on guitars with dovetail neck joints. 


  • Open G Slide Lesson – Roots and blues guitarist David Hamburger on getting started playing slide in open-G tuning.
  • Open Tuning Songwriting Lesson – How to use different tunings and keys within those tunings to create new sounds.
  • Blues Shuffle Lesson – Learn to play the Chicago-style shuffle rhythm commonly heard in blues music.
  • Four-Part Seventh-Chords Lesson – Learn six groups of seventh-chord voicings that jazz guitarists use to increase their chord vocabulary.

Gear Reviews:

  • Cervantes Milenia Concert 
  • Walden CG4041-CERT 
  • Fender Passport 500 Pro 

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