No. 223, July 2011

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On the Cover: Tommy Emmanuel. The Australian fingerstyle wiz talks about the influence of Chet Atkins, his new double album, and his very personal connection to his guitars. 


  • Gordon Lightfoot  "Rainy Day People"
  • Irish Traditional – "The Rising of the Moon"

Features: The History of Larson Brothers Instruments. How two Swedish immigrants created some of the most innovative guitars of the early 20th century; Acoustic Preamps. All you need to know about stand-alone acoustic guitar preamps


  • Peppino D'Agostino Lesson. The contemporary fingerstyle guitarist talks about his percussive techniques, unusual alternate tunings, and the importance of melody.
  • Basic Bluegrass Soloing Lesson. Eric Thompson explains how to move from Carter-style leads to bluegrass and how to get a powerful flatpicking tone.
  • Open-D Tuning Basics. Explore some basic chords and scale patterns in this popular alternate tuning.
  • Bass Lines Lesson. Learn how to use and embellish jazzy walking bass in your fingerstyle arrangements.

Gear Reviews: 

  • PRS Tony McManus Private Stock
  • Taylor Doyle Deluxe DDX
  • Godin Multiac ACS-SA Nylon USB

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