No. 228, December 2011

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On the Cover: Jerry Garcia. A look at the Grateful Dead guitarist’s influential acoustic style, which reflected his love of roots music, bluegrass, and modal jazz.


  •  Emmylou Harris and Bill Danoff  "Boulder to Birmingham" 
  •  Traditional  "What Child Is This?" 
  • Joni Mitchell  "Urge for Going"

Features: Doc Watson and David Holt. Almost 30 years since their first collaboration, the North Carolina musicians continue to explore the rich traditions of American folk; Archtop Guitar Heroes. John D'Angelico, Jimmy D'Aquisto, and John Monteleone and their New York archtop guitar making legacy; Over the Rhine. Karen Bergquist and Linford Detweiler conjure fresh approaches to their soulful, American-roots-influenced pop; Maintain Your Fingernails. How to strengthen, cultivate, and shape your nails for fingerstyle; USB Microphones. These inexpensive microphones make it easy to record directly to your computer. 


  • Two-Handed Grooves Lesson  Create grooves with two-handed tapping and other percussive techniques
  • Travis Picking in 3/4 Time  Adapt 4/4 alternating-bass fingerpicking patterns for waltz time.
  • Delta Blues Lesson  Play bluesy riffs on top of a monotonic bass for a classic Delta sound.
  • Picking Hand Technique  How to properly position your picking hand and use rest and free strokes for the best fingerstyle tone.

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