String Theories - Tips, Challenges, and Reflections for the Lifelong Guitarist

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Renowned guitarists Adam Levy and Ethan Sherman offer a comprehensive and practical guide to boundless musical growth for the dedicated guitarist, as well as on-the-job lessons learned from both of their many years of experience as working musicians and music teachers.

Originally adapted from Adam Levy’s popular YouTube series Guitar Tips, the essays and lessons in this book cover topics including:

  • Effective practice strategies
  • Fretboard technique
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Listening and reading recommendations
  • And more

Concepts are followed by practical music exercises and plans of action—things you can do today, throughout the week or month, or even all year. This book offers something different yet equally useful to the music student, hobbyist musician, or pro musician—and everyone in between. Offering a framework for lifelong growth on the guitar, it’s a book you can return to year after year as you evolve as a musician.

“Equal parts practical and thoughtful, String Theories will guide any guitarist along the path that is focused learning and real improvement.” —Bryan Sutton

“Adam and Ethan have written an affable yet rigorous guitar guide filled with sage observations and suggestions for anyone who is super serious about guitar.” —Nels Cline

“String Theories is a brilliant and soulful exploration of the world of guitar—from practicing and performing to cultivating one’s own voice, Adam and Ethan so elegantly celebrate the multidimensionality of what it means to be a modern guitarist.” —Julian Lage

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