Essential Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Essential Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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A superb selection of lessons and songs for the acoustic guitar, expertly played by the editors of Acoustic Guitar magazine! This Book & CD package contains exercises, licks, and 8 full songs to play, in standard notation and tablature with chord diagrams. Players of all levels will find lessons to benefit them. Includes:


  • Unlocking the Fretboard. By Karen Hogg.
  • Barre Chords. By David Hamburger.
  • Flatpicking 101. By David Hamburger.


  • Bluegrass in Dropped D. By Happy Traum.
  • Bass Lines for Guitarists. By Paul Kotapish.
  • Classic Pop Changes. By Andrew DuBrock.
  • Swing Voice Leading. By Tony Marcus.


  • Celtic Jigs. By David Surette.
  • Melodic Improvisation. By Chris Grampp.
  • Soloing with Arpeggios. By Jamie Findlay.


  • Getting Low Lows with a Partial Capo. By Peter Mulvey.
  • Hawaiian Slack Key. By Keola Beamer.
  • Classical Etude Variations. By Mark Small.
  • Modal Harmony. By Scott Nygaard.

    Songs include:

    • Blackberry Blossom
    • Angel Band
    • Levis Beaulieu
    • Coleraine/Manferrine
    • A Grandmother's Wish
    • Wa'apa
    • Prelude
    • Winter Waltz

    The CD includes two versions of each song: one played slowly and the other up to tempo. 

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