Rhythm Guitar Essentials


Learn to play rock-solid rhythm and expand your chord vocabulary. Take 12 in-depth lessons for players of all levels, taught and recorded by the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar. Get out of your rhythmic rut with "Six Ways to Expand Your Rhythm." Learn to groove in the "Simple Syncopated Grooves" lesson. Hear how simple songs sound interesting when you connect your chords. Explore Hendrix's rhythm style. And add cool rhythm fills to your backup.

You'll learn to play in different time signatures, tackle difficult chords, plus you'll play classic rock, country, and soul rhythms. You'll also discover new chord positions, bass lines, and muting techniques. Includes:

  • Exercises, licks, and full songs to play
  • Standard notation, tablature, and chord diagrams
  • CD with audio for all the examples and songs

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