Classical Guitar: No. 395, Fall 2019

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On the Cover: Xuefei Yang's diverse career is a model for 21st century guitarists. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her guitar education in China and England, playing chamber music, and much more.

Special Focus: Historic Lutherie—The art and history of rosettes; A love letter to the Spanish guitar; giving luthiers their due; Segovia’s “forgotten” guitar.

Features: A rare interview with composer/guitarist Carlo Domeniconi; a profile of young American guitarist Alec Holcomb; celebrating the centenary of English composer Jack Duarte.

Lessons: J.S. Bach’s Invention No. 1 as a gateway to Baroque music; learn to play Douglas Seth’s Baroque-inspired Prelude for the Victorious.

Also: 2018 GFA winner Raphaël Feuillâtre; Manuel de Falla and the guitar; more competition results; guitar in Thailand and Vietnam; Newman & Oltman’s Brouwer premiere; reviews of albums by Jan Depreter, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Pedro Rodrigues, and more; and print music from Paganini, Scarlatti, Barrios, and others.

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