No. 308, August 2018

No. 308, August 2018

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On the Cover: Get On Track! How to become a better guitarist without touching your guitar. From ear training to learning tab and notation to choosing the right teacher to seeing the big picture, our experts offer strategies for internalizing the important things that guitarists often neglect.


  • Leo Kottke - “Ice Miner” ­
  • Muriel Anderson - “Night Lights”
  • Classical hit - “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”
  • Traditional Irish waltz - “Black Velvet Band”

Features: Get Heard: Doug Young takes an in-depth look at acoustic guitar pickups and amplification options; Guitar Mash Nashville: Bringing big-name stars and regular players together for large-scale jams and workshops; The Syracuse Guitar League explores a new model for teaching and learning; Fingerstyle guitarist Peter Ciluzzi, who is also a trained luthier, showcases one of his own hand-made instruments at every show.


  • Get Rhythm: Guitarist Gretchen Menn explains beats, meter, and more
  • Sixth Sense – Adam Levy shows how to create sweet, stirring sounds using sixth intervals.
  • A modern picking-hand study by Muriel Anderson                                                                                                      

Gear Reviews:

  • Guild F-512 12-String
  • Fender California Series Redondo Special & Malibu Classic
  • Audio Sprockets ToneDexter Preamp/DI
  • SkinTone Picks
  • Roadie 2 Automatic Tuner

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