Play Gaspar Sanz's Baroque Guitar Piece "Canarios"

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Throughout history, the folksongs and dances of Spain have provided both source material and inspiration for instrumental compositions.

Posted by Patrick Francis

Excerpted from Spanish Repertoire for Classical Guitar

The Spanish Baroque guitar piece “Canarios” is an excellent example; Spanish composer Gaspar Sanz wrote it based upon a popular dance form from the period. With a little searching, one may find numerous pieces titled “Canarios” from various composers that exhibit similar characteristics to the piece shown here.

“Canarios” is written in short sections that may be repeated. In the score, you will see a double vertical line indicating the beginning and end of these sections. The piece employs a distinctive pattern of six notes that alternates between a 6/8 feel and 3/4 time feel.

Excerpted from Spanish Repertoire for Classical Guitar


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