Learn to Play the Christmas Anthem "Joy to the World"

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This arrangement is set in dropped-D tuning in the key of D major, adding power to the melody and chords with a resonant low-D pedal.

Posted by Sean McGowan
Excerpted from Holiday Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar

As you’ll notice in the intro, this arrangement features a lot of triadic movement—apply careful practice to moving those triads around the neck, ensuring a clear sound.

Try to imagine your guitar as a chorus of singers, and allow the two open D strings to sustain and ring out like the sound of a church organ.

Experiment with different fingerings for the triads in measures 1–4, 25–31, and 37–49, as well as the double-stop melodic figures that can be found throughout measures 5–24.

Excerpted from Holiday Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar



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