Help Us Create A New Acoustic Guitar T-shirt!

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Want to help us create a new Acoustic Guitar shirt?

Here’s how you can help: grab a marker and piece of paper and doodle a guitar. We’ll use your doodle in the design for a new Acoustic Guitar t-shirt. Once you’ve doodled your guitar, we’ll need you to photograph it (or scan it) and send it here. We’ll take it from there!
1. Lay your doodle down on a table near a window or under a bright light
2. Stand above the table so the camera is looking straight down at the drawing (be sure not to block your light)
3. E-mail the largest file size possible here

P.S. if you have a scanner, use it! Scanning is the best way to digitize doodles. Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing your doodles!

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