New Product: Acoustic SP Strings from Martin

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The Acoustic Guitar store is now offering strings! Check out our great offer on C.F. Martin & Co. Acoustic SP Strings MSP4100 Light Phosphor Bronze.

One set of strings is $7 - a savings of more than $10 off MSRP. But you can save even bigger when you order multiple sets: $19 for 3 sets (10% off the single set price) or $28 for 5 sets (20% off the single set price).

And, to sweeten the deal even more, you'll get our PDF + video guide to changing guitar strings added to your cart for FREE (value $3.99) instantly with any string order!

Want to take a behind the scenes look at the redesigned C.F. Martin & Co. strings? In this video, Kristi Bronico shows off the company's brand new packaging, which offers "fresh seal" materials and a one-string-per-envelope system.

Get your C.F. Martin & Co. Acoustic SP MSP4100 Light Phosphor Bronze strings now!

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