Weekly Workouts: Picking Hand Power


In this Weekly Workout, fingerstyle exercises will help you build strength and independence in your picking-hand fingers. From Sean McGowan’s introduction:

Many guitarists, especially those who primarily play with a pick, often are confounded by finger­style technique. I’ll offer some common exercises and variations for working on fingerstyle picking techniques, as well as some less practiced approaches. Once you start working on these exercises, you’ll undoubtedly feel more comfortable and confident playing with the fingers of your picking hand, especially if you are primarily accus­tomed to using a flatpick. The workout as a whole is comprehensive. Initially, you will build technical confidence by working on plucking to get a good, even tone and then build indepen­dence of the picking-hand fingers. Finally, you’ll play through scales and single-note lines and build more sophisticated contrapuntal textures.

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