Weekly Workouts: Diminished Scales and Arpeggios


Learn how to play and solo with diminished-seventh arpeggios, scales, and patterns.

From Sean McGowan’s introduction:


Diminished chords and scales are among the most piquant and beautiful sounds available to improvising guitarists in all genres of acoustic music—and also among the most misunderstood. From a harmonic standpoint, diminished-seventh (dim7 or o7) chords often appear as passing chords, creating transitions between two more stable chords such as minor and major. Diminished scales and arpeggios are also used by musicians to solo over dominant-seventh chords that resolve to major or minor chords. In this Weekly Workout, we’ll take a look at a number of diminished chord and scale patterns that provide an excellent technical workout for both hands and show you how to create seamless lead lines over diminished and dominant-seventh chords.

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