Weekly Workouts: Chord Scales


The Weekly Workout is a series of exercises made up of interesting technical workouts that will get your fretting- and picking-hand fingers working in different ways, and offer musical studies that will help you visualize and explore the fingerboard. In every lesson, you'll get a different exercise to work on for each week of the month, as well as a few extra variations and extended practice ideas. Although we're presenting these as weekly exercises, there are numerous ways you can approach them, of course. Do whatever feels right for you.

This Weekly Workout is titled Chord Scales, in which you will learn the function of the individual notes in scales by matching them to the chords in your favorite songs. From Scott Nygaard's introduction:

Most guitarists learn the fingerboard through scale practice. If you've done very much of this you've probably realized that, while scales are great finger exercises and give you a basic sense of where the notes are on the fingerboard, if you don't combine your finger work with some mental muscle you're not going to know how to use those scales when it comes time to making music. (You've probably noticed that very few pieces of music consist of long strings of scales.) So, in addition to practicing scales, it's good to remind yourself of the function of the individual notes of those scales.

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