Weekly Workouts: Ascending and Descending Slurs


The hammer-on and pull-off exercises in this Weekly Workout will strengthen your hand and increase your finger independence. As Scott Nygaard explains in the introduction:


When I was first getting serious about playing the guitar, I occasionally found that there were days when my left hand would start hurting an hour or so into a gig. As a young self-taught guitarist, I hadn’t given much thought to the concept of warming up my hands before playing, or even developing technique separate from the music I was learning. At a guitar camp where I was teaching, I asked the resident classical guitar expert about this, and he suggested some slur exercises that would warm up each finger equally (and also improve my hammer-on and pull-off technique in the process). These exercises not only proved to be just what my left hand needed as a 20-minute (or so) warm-up before a gig, they pointed out weaknesses in my fretting-hand technique and gave me ways to strengthen my hand.

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