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Have you caught swing fever? Want to learn how to play sizzling swing lead and rhythm guitar yourself? Then be sure to order your PDF & Audio Download package of Swing Guitar Essentials. With ten essential swing lessons from past issues of Acoustic Guitar, this guide is packed with tips, techniques, helpful examples, licks, great songs, and excellent advice. It introduces you to diverse swing styles, pioneering players, and must-hear recordings.

Swing Guitar Essentials shows all examples in both standard notation and tab. The audio tracks are recorded up to tempo and at a slower speed. They're keyed to the lessons, so you can play along, learn at your own pace, and quickly come up to speed. In addition to the examples and exercises there are five complete songs to learn, including "Avalon" and "Minor Swing."


  • Jazz Chord Basics - Dix Bruce
  • Movable Chord Forms - Dix Bruce
  • Understanding Swing Chord Progressions - David Hamburger
  • Beginning Chord Melody - Dix Bruce
  • Swing Soloing - David Hamburger
  • An Introduction to Early Jazz - Tony Marcus
  • Eddie Lang–Style Swing Blues - Tony Marcus
  • An Introduction to Big-Band Swing - Michael Simmons
  • Freddie Green's Rhythm Style - John Lehmann-Haupt
  • An Introduction to Gypsy Jazz - Michael Simmons
  • Gypsy Guitar Primer - John Jorgenson
  • Inside a Django Reinhardt Solo - Scott Nygaard
  • An Introduction to Texas Swing - Hal Glatzer
  • Texas Swing Backup - Hal Glatzer
  • Dominant Seven Swing
  • Avalon
  • Been There, Dunn That Blues
  • Minor Swing
  • Leather Britches

"I picked up this book to help my son learn to play jazz-swing guitar styles and I probably get into it more than he does! If you play guitar and want to learn swing-jazz styles . . . this book is for you. Thumbs up!" —E. A. Lindell, customer review on Amazon.com

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