Roots and Blues Mandolin


Learn the essentials of blues mandolin, rhythm, and lead by playing classic songs.

The unmistakable voice of the mandolin has been heard from the earliest incarnations of blues to the contemporary roots music revival. Now learn the essentials of the style—from blue notes to picking technique, double stops to tremolo—by playing classic songs. If you already play blues on guitar or another instrument and would like to double on mandolin, or if you want to add blues sounds to your mandolin repertoire, Roots and Blues Mandolin is your ticket. Includes:

  • The Beginnings of Blues Mandolin
  • Tuning and Basic Techniques
  • Blue Notes and Tremolo
  • Songs in G
  • Changing Keys
  • Accompaniment Made Easy
  • Moving to A
  • Melody and Accompaniment
  • Open Tuning and Slide Mandolin


  • Short'nin' Bread
  • You Don't Know My Mind
  • Florida Blues
  • Dupree Blues
  • Corrina
  • Trouble in Mind
  • Careless Love
  • Gambler's Blues

By Steve James

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