Roots and Blues Fingerstyle Guitar: Complete Edition


Choose one of two versions of this terrific guide from the drop-down menu above: Download the digital PDF & Video version and get in-depth video instruction for 12 songs, along with notation and tab, or buy the Book & Audio for a full 25 songs! Steve James, one of today's leading roots-music performers, recording artists, and teachers, presents a treasure trove of traditional American guitar styles in this unique series. Guitarists will learn fingerpicking and slide techniques not through dry exercises but by playing from James' own repertoire and from such masters as Furry Lewis, Blind Willie McTell, Sam McGee, and Mance Lipscomb. Drawing on his extensive research and first-hand experience with these guitar pioneers, James tells the stories behind the songs, too. Includes:


  • Alternating-Bass Fingerpicking
  • Open Tunings
  • Bottleneck Slide


  • Eight Views on the Blues
  • Back to the Country
  • Naturals: Sam McGee and Furry Lewis

    SONGS (PDF 12 song version)


      SONGS (Book 25 song version)

      • Take Me Back
      • Sugar Babe
      • Milwaukee Blues
      • Sebastopol
      • Spanish Fandango
      • John Henry
      • Railroad Bill
      • Crow Jane
      • Things About Comin’ My Way
      • Jack o’ Diamonds
      • Roll and Tumble
      • Stack Lee’s Blues
      • Blues in A
      • Buddy Bolden’s Blues
      • Way Out on the Desert
      • Liberty
      • Bear Creek Hop
      • Amos Johnson Rag
      • Guitar Rag
      • I Got to Cross That river of Jordan
      • Spanish Fandango (Revisited)
      • Buckdancer’s Choice
      • Railroad Blues
      • Judge Harsh Blues
      • I Will Turn Your Money Green

        "This is probably the best single book of basic American rural fingerstyles."—Sing Out! 



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