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This RainSong WS1000 Custom 2000 is from Acoustic Guitar magazine's 10th Anniversary Collection.

This distinctive instrument is made entirely of graphite, an outstanding alternative to dwindling wood resources, with rich acoustic properties. It was constructed using RainSong's Projection Tuned Layering process, which greatly reduces the weight of the soundboard while increasing its overall stiffness and response, producing a clear, resonant sound.

The inherent stability and strength of graphite mean that this guitar will hold up well in all kinds of travel conditions and will stay in tune through changes in environment, so you can confidently take it on the road. And since graphite is an electrical conductor, when you plug in the WS1000, its warm acoustic sound will be beautifully amplified.

A few more important details: The WS1000 features a deep body with cutaway, chrome Schaller tuners, abalone rosette, raindrop inlays on the fretboard and, on the back, an abalone Acoustic Guitar 10th Anniversary logo beautifully molded into the graphite weave. Top-of-the-line Fishman electronics — an on-board blender system including a piezo pickup, a microphone, and a preamp — deliver a rich amplified sound.

Product Specs
Condition Excellent (Used)
Brand RainSong
Model WS1000 Custom
Primary Materials
Carbon Fiber, Built-in Electronics
Body Style
Year 2000

From the December 2000 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine:

A less traditional instrument came to us from RainSong, manufacturers of some of the most radical guitars developed during the last decade. The only acoustic guitar on the market made entirely of carbon fiber, the Custom WS 1000 is impervious to humidity changes and offers a bold solution to the problem of vanishing tonewoods. Thanks to the company’s unique soundboard design, which uses a projection-tuned layering process that eliminates the need for traditional braces altogether, the guitar has a surprisingly organic acoustic voice with excellent balance and string separation. It features Fishman’s Prefix Onboard Blender system, which combines an under-saddle transducer with an internal microphone and provides reliable plugged-in performance. The A.G. anniversary logo is molded right into the back of the guitar. “The logo was first cut into abalone veneer and placed into the body mold,” RainSong’s Ashvin Coomar explains. “Graphite impregnated with epoxy was then carefully layered into the mold, keeping the weave directions aligned. Under high temperature and pressure, the graphite molds itself around the veneer as it cures. When the body is ejected from the mold, the logo appears ‘inlaid’ into the graphite.”

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