No. 294, June 2017


Explore a Gypsy-jazz primer that will inspire you to swing like Django Reinhardt. Learn the manouche style in 6 easy steps and what to look for when buying a Gypsy-jazz guitar. Features: Aimee Mann gets back to basics with her all-acoustic album Mental Illness; jazz-guitar great Ralph Towner returns with a solo-acoustic album. Lessons: Start enriching your music now with seventh chords; how to use chord grips to generate great soloing ideas; play the blues like R.L. Burnside. Also: Madeleine Peyroux fantasizes about her dream guitar; 5 strategies for flying with your cherished gear; Canadian luthiers celebrate their nation’s greatest painters with artful guitars. Songs: Stephane Wrembel’s “Windmills”; Buck Curran’s “River unto Sea”; the blues classic, “Trouble in Mind.” Gear: Martin’s D-1 Authentic 1931; Bedell Revolution Parlor; Seagull Coastline Momentum.

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