No. 278, February 2016

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On the Cover: 100 years of Martin’s dreadnought guitars—from Hank Williams and Doc Watson to Joni Mitchell and Kurt Cobain, the dreadnought has continually revolutionized music. 


  • The Rolling Stones - “Sweet Virginia”
  • Green Day - “Warning”
  • Classic folk tune - “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”

Features: An appreciation of New York folk music icon Dave Van Ronk; a look at two guitar duos on the rise—James Elikngton & Nathan Salsburg and Dawn & Hawkes; Patty Griffin on her new Servant of Love album.


  • Use triads and dominant sevenths to build blues and rock solos
  • Pete Madsen lesson in rag guitar
  • Looping tips from Ed Sheeran’s guitar tech

Gear Reviews:

  • McElroy Standard
  • Breedlove Oregon Concert Ltd.
  • Fender Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX amps

CD Reviews: New albums by Peter Case, Darlingside, Greg Blake, and Mipso.

**Bonus Stage & Studio Supplement**: Recording to an iOS device, an Airbnb-like recording studio app, and mixing yourself onstage using mics and boost pedals.

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