No. 278, February 2016


100 years of Martin’s dreadnought guitars—from Hank Williams to Doc Watson to Joni Mitchell to Kurt Cobain, the dreadnought has continually revolutionized music.  Other stories include an appreciation of New York folk music icon Dave Van Ronk; a look at two guitar duos on the rise—James Elikngton & Nathan Salsburg and Dawn & Hawkes; Patty Griffin on her new Servant of Love album; using triads and dominant sevenths to build blues and rock solos; a Pete Madsen lesson in rag guitar; three Songs to Play —the Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Virginia,” Green Day’s “Warning,” and the classic folk tune “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”; looping tips from Ed Sheeran’s guitar tech; Gear reviews—McElroy Standard, Breedlove’s Oregon Concert Ltd., and Fender Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX amps; and new CDs by Peter Case, Darlingside, Greg Blake, and Mipso. Bonus Stage & Studio supplement with articles on recording to an iOS device, an Airbnb-like recording studio app, and mixing yourself onstage using mics and boost pedals.

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