No. 266, February 2015

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Silver Strings
AG celebrates 25 years of covering acoustic guitars in all their glory

Doing It with Style
acoustic-guitar legends who have helped to shape the instrument’s sound

Pay It Forward
25 musicians who have kept the acoustic guitar in the pop consciousness

What They Said
25 immortal quotes from the immortal musicians featured in AG

Top Tips
25 Nuggets of wisdom from some of the greatest players in all genres

25 milestones in the development of the acoustic guitar

25 crucial moments in acoustic-guitar culture
Born to Strum
25 all-time great acoustic-based albums

Celluloid Heroes
25 films that rocked the acoustic guitar

Digging the Roots
25 good reads that chronicle the artists and the instruments

Test Your AG IQ
25 trivia questions that will gauge your Acoustic Guitar loyalty


The Beat
Astronaut and acoustic guitarist Chris Hadfield keynotes the 2015 Folk Alliance International Conference

Add harmonic interest with compact chord progressions

Weekly Workout
Put some spice in your lead lines with symmetrical scales

Here’s How
Rhythm awareness is the key to staying in time


Sales of acoustic guitars continue to thrive

Makers and Shakers

Travis Atz relies on classic designs for his Loar and Recording King instruments

Guitar Guru

How does French polishing work, and should I have it done?

Great Acoustics
1937 Jack Hall ‘matchstick’ guitar

Product Reviews

Martin D-35 Brazilian

Martin celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a triumphant new model

Taylor T5z
Plugged or unplugged, this instrument is a righteous tone machine

It’s bringing the old-style four-string back in vogue

Zoom H6
A versatile, user-friendly, feature-rich digital recorder

Gretsch’s ‘Dixie 6’ guitar-banjo will expand your sonic palette

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