The Beginner's Guide to Guitar: Lesson 1

The Beginner's Guide to Guitar: Lesson 1

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Learn to play guitar the fun and easy way, right from the beginning. Whether your passions lie in rock, jazz, fingerstyle, blues, or any other style of music, the Beginner's Guide to Guitar will introduce you to chords, melodies, and rhythmic patterns you need to start playing today.

In Lesson 1 of The Beginner's Guide to Guitar, you'll learn a simple, three-note E-minor chord; notes on the guitar's first string; quarter- and whole-note rhythmic patterns; how to play downstrokes; the proper wrist position for comfortable playing; plus four easy songs to play. Includes:

  • Chord Library: How to play E minor
  • Learning Pitches: Notes on the first string
  • Reading Rhythms: Quarter notes and rests, whole notes and rests
  • Songs to Play: Four easy songs to play
  • Strumming Sessions: How to strum with downstrokes
  • Practical Advice: Proper wrist position for comfortable playing

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