Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection


Join some of today's greatest guitar players and explore the new world outside of standard tuning. This unique songbook with CD lets you hear and play 12 great songs in ten different tunings, spanning pop/rock, blues, fingerstyle instrumental, Hawaiian slack-key, and Celtic styles. Listening to this stellar lineup of artists, you'll be inspired to undertake your own experiments with this enticing approach to the guitar. Includes:

  • David Wilcox Eye of the Hurricane
  • David Crosby with CPR That House
  • Sonny Chillingworth Moe 'Uhane (Dream Slack Key)
  • John Cephas and Phil Wiggins John Henry
  • Ani DiFranco Cradle and All
  • Alex de Grassi The Water Garden
  • Dougie MacLean Caledonia
  • Ledward Kaapana Wee Ha Swing
  • Trian The Death of Queen Jane
  • Peter Finger 101 South
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter The Moon and St. Christopher
  • Paul Brady Arthur McBride


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