2018 Subscription FAQs

I hear there are changes at Acoustic Guitar, what are they?
After 22 years of delivering a new issue of Acoustic Guitar to readers each month, we are reverting to our original every-other-month print publishing schedule, beginning with the March/April 2019 issue that will arrive in subscribers’ mailboxes around February 1.

What happens to my subscription?
Whether you’ve purchased a 1-, 2-, or 3-year subscription, your subscription will remain active for that entire duration.

February 2019 (Issue 314) is the last issue that will be released on a monthly schedule. This issue will be printed and mailed in mid-December. After that, our first bi-monthly issue will be March/April 2019, available in early February. Issues will be published every-other-month from there on out.

How do I get help with questions about my subscription?
Please e-mail AcousticGuitarService@stringletter.com and a member of our friendly customer service team will be in touch.

I’m new, how do I subscribe?
Please click here to subscribe (and save 37% off the retail price!)

Why the change?
Well, the whole answer is probably complicated, but at bottom it’s pretty simple: Cutting our print frequency is the best way we can find to continue doing the best possible job for you, our readers, while giving ourselves sufficient resources to keep our business strong enough to not only survive but prosper.

You’ve probably been seeing fewer magazines for sale where you shop and fewer advertisements in the magazines you read, as well as hearing more in the news about mass-media brands closing their doors for good. The magazine business is changing and we’re changing, too.

Facing more industry challenges – like rising costs of paper and postage and a shrinking pool of advertisers – we have to make decisions that will ensure Acoustic Guitar has a long and vibrant future. By publishing in print on a less frequent basis, we can continue to offer you an affordable annual subscription rate and continue to produce the high-quality articles and videos you rely on from us, both in the magazine and on the web.

We want to be completely transparent with you about how we’ve arrived at this decision. We are not cutting print production in order to make a profit, but we do need to re-align the resources we have to best move forward, and best serve you, in a changing media landscape.

Anything else I should know?
We are passionate about what we do and the guitarists, like you, we have the privilege of serving. We look forward to delivering the same engaging, high-quality magazine you expect from us with every future issue. In addition, we’re here for you at AcousticGuitar.com, where you’ll continue to find new lessons, reviews, and stories posted daily and here at store.AcousticGuitar.com where our collection of original books, guides, and resources for guitarists will continue to grow. 

You can help Acoustic Guitar in many ways. Renew your subscription. Encourage fellow guitarists to visit us online and subscribe. Patronize our advertisers. Share your stories, comments, suggestions, and complaints with us in an email. Come with us on a trip to Cuba or Spain!