Reading Between the Lines: The Acoustic Guitar Guide to Musical Literacy

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This complete guide will demystify the symbols most commonly used in music notation for acoustic guitar. Through both written and video instruction with Gretchen Menn, you'll learn to:

  • Decode the notes on the standard staff
  • Understand note values and time signatures
  • Make the most of TAB
  • Decipher left- and right-hand fingerings, chord diagrams, and capo notation
  • Recognize open and nonstandard tunings
  • Read hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, and natural and artificial harmonics
  • Interpret repeats and codas

Then, you'll put your learning to good use with a beautiful fingerstyle arrangement of "Amazing Grace" that runs the gamut of guitar symbols.

We've also included a look at how guitar notation has evolved into the sophisticated tool it is today, plus printable manuscript papers you can use to notate your own songs, arrangements, or transcriptions.

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