Dynamic Guitar - More Tools to Go Beyond Strumming

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In this book and video guide, Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers gives you an array of tools for making chord progressions more distinctive, deepening your grooves, and getting outside the box of strumming block chords.

Over the course of six in-depth lessons, you'll learn how to build dynamics in an arrangement, play bass lines on guitar, and expand your harmonic vocabulary with slash chords and cluster chords. Along the way, you'll explore examples inspired by classic songs, so you can hear and see how these tools work in actual music.

You'll discover how varying the technique of both your fretting and picking hands—and often playing less—can do so much to make your guitar parts more dynamic and musically satisfying.

This comprehensive guide includes written instruction, notation and tab, plus more than 2 hours of accompanying video instruction for all music examples, performed by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

"Most guitar teachers have heard this—or something like it—from students: ‘I’m so bored with what I know. Please show me something fresh!’ That’s what Dynamic Guitar is all about. With clear explanations and colorful musical examples, Rodgers shines a light on several novel approaches to arranging and orchestration for the guitar. As a companion to his Beyond Strumming, or as a standalone volume, Dynamic Guitar is an ennui killer.”—Adam Levy

Bundle and save!
Beyond Strumming offers 20 lessons from the fundamentals of strong accompaniment to more advanced techniques like cross picking, hybrid picking, and alternate tunings. Now comes Dynamic Guitar which shares six more vital tools for making the most of your guitar as an accompaniment instrument. We'll automatically take 10% off when you order both books together.

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