Confident Guitar Soloing

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Learn to solo with 12 lessons from eight of Acoustic Guitar’s master teachers—Ron Jackson, Lisa Liu, Pete Madsen, Marcy Marxer, Sean McGowan, Jane Miller, Scott Nygaard, and Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

This complete guide gives you the tools and concepts you need to avoid common pitfalls and to solo with grace and intention. Each lesson has four weeks’ worth of exercises of progressive complexity and difficulty, along with bonus examples and bite-sized tips sprinkled throughout.

These Weekly Workouts will provide a solid foundation for learning to solo on acoustic guitar, whether you’re a fingerpicker or flatpicker, in virtually any style.

You'll get the complete written instruction, standard notation and tablature, and 2.5 hours of accompanying video instruction to download instantly.


  • How to spin endless variations on a simple tune
  • Add a breath of fresh air to stale solos and progressions
  • Expand your solo vocabulary by moving up, down, and around chord shapes
  • Learn to use triads and dominant seventh chords to build blues and rock solos
  • Fretboard exercises
  • Counterpoint exercises
  • And more!

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