Flatpicking Guitar Basics

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For guitarists in bluegrass and country as well as many other styles, the flatpick is the essential tool, making possible both powerful rhythms and speedy lead licks. In Flatpicking Guitar Basics, some of the top teachers in the flatpicking business share the fundamental techniques for bringing these sounds to life on your guitar.

Explore the essential sounds of bluegrass and country guitar as played by Maybelle Carter and Jimmie Rodgers, and carried on by contemporary masters like Tony Rice, Norman Blake, and Bryan Sutton. In this Book & CD package, these ten lessons lead you through the basics of rhythm, from the classic boom-chuck to bass runs and embellishments, as well as how to flatpick melodies and solos.


  • Get a Better Boom-Chuck
  • Bluegrass Rhythm
  • Boom-Chuck Strumming Lesson
  • Embellishing Cowboy Chords
  • The Roots of Country Rhythm Guitar Lesson
  • Flatpicking 101
  • Harness the Power of Your Pick
  • Carter-Style Lead
  • Pick Up Speed
  • Crosspicking
  • How to Choose a Flatpick

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