Music Basics for Guitarists


Learn the basics of music theory in these 13 easy-to-follow lessons designed specifically for guitarists. From tools like the circle of fifths and the C-A-G-E-D system, to tips on understanding chords and progressions, to lessons on reading tablature and standard notation, the teachers at Acoustic Guitar not only lay out the essential concepts but show them at work in real songs. Includes:


  • Music Notation 101. By Andrew DuBrock.
  • Tab Reading Tips. By David Hodge.
  • Start Reading Music. By Sean McGowan.
  • Decoding Chord Symbols. By Dan Apczynski.
  • The Fundamentals of Time. By Ruth Parry.


  • Diatonic Chords. By Dan Apczynski.
  • The Circle of Fifths. By Adam Perlmutter.
  • The C-A-G-E-D System. By Dan Apczynski.
  • Transposing Made Easy. By David Hodge.


    • The Major Scale. By Andrew DuBrock.
    • Minor Keys. By Andrew DuBrock.
    • Pentatonic Scales. By Adam Perlmutter.
    • Understanding Modes. By Adam Levy.

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