Acoustic Guitar Owner's Manual

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We predict that some day all new guitars will come equipped with a copy of the Acoustic Guitar Owner's Manual. After all, you've made a big investment in your guitar. You deserve to know how it works, how to maintain its value, and how to keep it sounding great. With this definitive and indispensable guide, you'll become a more savvy acoustic guitar owner and repair-shop customer and be able to forgo dubious advice from well-meaning friends and anonymous "experts" on the web. At last you'll get answers you can trust on fundamental guitar questions! 

This comprehensive guide is available in two different formats:

  • Book: 107 pages of tips, references, glossary, diagrams, and more written by various AG masters.
  • PDF: Downloadable version featuring the complete written instruction from the book. 



  • An Acoustic Guitar Primer. Teja Gerken.
  • Inside Your Guitar. Rick Turner.
  • Fifteen Guitar Myths Debunked. Richard Johnston.


  • A Guide to Steel and Nylon Strings. Harry Fleishman.


  • Guitar Care Basics. Simone Solondz.
  • Cleaning and Polishing. Frank Ford.
  • Cleaning a Resonator Guitar. Frank Ford.
  • Humidity and Your Guitar. Bob Taylor.
  • Choosing a Case. Teja Gerken.
  • Flying with Your Guitar. Kristina Olsen.
  • Protecting Your Instrument from Theft. Jack Pearson.


  • Getting a Good Guitar Setup. Rick Turner.
  • Setting the Action. Harry Fleishman.
  • Saddle and Bridge Pin Materials. Marshall Newman.


  • Fret Maintenance. Rick Turner.
  • Refretting. Rick Turner.
  • Caring for Your Guitar’s Finish. Frank Ford.
  • Fixing Rattles. Frank Ford.
  • When Guitars Crack. Frank Ford.
  • Bridge Repairs. Rick Turner.
  • Neck Resets. Rick Turner.
  • Repairing and Restoring Vintage Instruments. Rick Turner.


  • Installing and Troubleshooting Pickups. Rick Turner.


  • A Complete Glossary of Acoustic Guitar Lingo. Richard Johnston.
  • How to Identify and Appraise Your Guitar. Teja Gerken.


 "Illustrated with many drawings and close-up photos, the book is as readable as it is informative, and is another 'must have' if you own and play an acoustic guitar."

Vintage Guitar

"I'm impressed. [The Acoustic Guitar Owner's Manual] has the most sensible and practical information I've seen in one volume."

C.F. Vega, Luthier

"While it's a useful and accessible work for those just starting on guitar (or thinking about buying one) it will be valuable for those with more advanced playing and performing skills, too."

Dirty Linen

"Guitar junkies and novices alike will find much interesting and useful information in this book."

Wood & Steel

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