No. 313, January 2019

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On the Cover: The Sounds of Simon. Paul Simon has had a creative hand in some of the most beloved songs of the 20th century. In this feature lesson, Adam Levy goes deep on Simon’s sophisticated, evocative acoustic work—with Garfunkel and on his own.                                                                                  


  • Paul Simon – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”  
  • Gwenifer Raymond – “Requiem for John Fahey” 
  • Led Kaapana – “Radio Hula” 

FeaturesMartin Simpson – Guitar Talk with the British fingerstyle master; Stores That Do More: Community minded music retailers that go beyond just selling instruments; Island Style: How Hawaiian music helped make the guitar America’s instrument; an interview with Tompkins Square Records founder Josh Rosenthal; the truth about fingerboard oil; and more!


  • The Basics – Gretchen Menn breaks down the blues scale
  • Weekly Workout – Creative uses of Travis picking
  • Here’s How – Learn to Play Faster by Slowing Down

Gear Reviews:

  • Alvarez-Yairi DYHMD Honduran DYM60 HD
  • Guild B-240E and Jumbo Junior acoustic basses
  • Fishman Matrix Infinity Mic Blend pickup/preamp system
  • C. F. Martin & Co. Authentic strings

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