No. 307, July 2018

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On the Cover: Mississippi John Hurt. AG contributor and roots and blues historian Steve James explores the legacy of Mississippi John Hurt and his influence on the Greenwich Village folk scene, as seen and experienced by John Sebastian and Happy Traum. Plus: A lesson on Hurt's distinctive guitar style.


  • John Hurt – “Coffee Blues”
  • Willie Nelson – “Whiskey River”
  • Americana classic – “Man of Constant Sorrow
  • Bill Frisell – “Made to Shine”

Features: Adam Levy gets deep into Willie Nelson’s signature style and the surprising inspiration behind it; Guitar on Record: A look at how the early days of recording led to the massive popularity of the guitar; Steve Tibbetts discusses his new Asian-inspired ECM release, Life Of; Matt Eich of Mule Resophonic Guitars talks shop; and more.


  • Gretchen Menn shows how to identify notes and where they fall on the fretboard
  • Learn the concepts at work in “Made to Shine,” a new acoustic piece from Bill Frisell’s latest solo album.
  • Learn how to understand and work with suspended chords to embellish and add color to your guitar parts
  • Essential tips for busking guitarists

Gear Reviews:

  • Pre-War Guitars Model-HD
  • Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge
  • Yamaha CSF3 and FG-TA

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