No. 301, January 2018


On the cover: Beyond Strumming! Tips and musical techniques for better accompaniment from Shawn Colvin, Martin Sexton, Mark Erelli, Anais Mitchell, and Anthony da Costa. Plus, Adam Levy’s rhythmic toolkit lesson on sharpening your accompaniment and a guide to loopers and layering.



Richard Thompson - “Shoot Out the Lights” (Reader’s Pick)

Eric Clapton - “Running on Faith” (Reader’s Pick)

Alberto Lombardi - “Birds”




An overview of the talking blues style, a favorite of songwriters and poets, with music examples how you can integrate this classic style into your set. Italian fingerstyle master Alberto Lombardi. Advice for How to Shop for a Used Guitar (Part 1) from Mamie Minch.


Lessons: Play the Blues like Tampa Red; get more from accompaniment by playing less


Gear Reviews:

Taylor 352ce and 362ce 12-strings

Mesa Rosette combo amp and Rosette DI

Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamp


Plus: Will Ackerman on his guitars. A player’s guide to gigging with a single mic. How to record yourself to sound like yourself. A head-turning 1956 Gibson J-185.

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