No. 290, February 2017


Austin electric-guitar phenom Eric Johnson unplugs on his new album EJ and goes on a journey to self-realization. Feature: David Bromberg finds his way back to the blues, completing his long, slow trek back to the music he left abruptly 27 years ago. Special Focus: Explore tenors and other voices, which are drawing a cadre of fans for their ability to add color to performances and recordings. Lessons: Improve your acoustic rock rhythm playing; master artificial harmonics, in the style of Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau; add Mixolydian mode to your improvisation toolbox. Also: Ben Harper talks about his life-long passion for Weissenborn guitars; Becky Warren finds inspiration for her new concept album in the ashes of war; 5 tips for musicians who want to get the most from social media; Richard Shindell finds his voice amid the crowded landscape of his songs; Peter Mulvey explains how to create a dynamic solo sound with alternate tunings. Songs: Elizabeth Cotton’s “Shake Sugaree”; Richard Shindell’s “Your Guitar."

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