No. 129, September 2003


Traveling Light
Bruce Cockburn enlivens his new songs with forays into electronica and modern jazz. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Equipment Picks: Bruce Cockburn's guitars and gear.

Acoustic Idols
The 2003 Homegrown CD Award Winners. By Simone Solondz.

Compose Yourself
How eight cutting-edge fingerstylists develop their ideas into finished compositions. By Teja Gerken.


Mail. Reader letters about Doc Watson, guitar finishes, guitar reviews, Apple iTunes, and baritone guitars.

Slap Happy. Profile of Brooklyn-based fingerstyle guitarist Kaki King and her latest album Everybody Loves You. By Bill Milkowski.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Kaki King.

Bohemian Rhapsodies. Interview with San Francisco singer-songwriter Jesse DeNatale upon release of his CD, Shangri-La West. By Derk Richardson.
Equipment Picks: Jesse DeNatale's guitars, strings, and picks.

June Carter Cash, 1929-2003. Obituary of June Carter Cash and short history of her career with Carter Family and Johnny Cash. By Derk Richardson.

Events. John Cephas, Rory Block and others Telluride Acoustic Blues Camp; Alejandro Escovedo, Allison Moorer, Darrel Scott and others perform at Americana Music Conference.
News. Big Jack Johnson, John Hammond, Robert Randolph and others win W.C. Handy Awards; Northern California Songwriters Association changes name to West Coast Songwriters Association and hosts Creation: Craft: Connection conference.
New Releases. NorthernBlues issues Johnny Cash tribute CD Johnny's Blues; Fantasy reissues John Fahey and His Orchestra's Old Fashioned Love and The Folk Sound of Terry Callier; The 13th Fret issue acoustic guitar CD, Luthiers and Players of the 13th Fret.

Living Room Tapes. Review of guitarist Lenny Breau and clarinetist Brad Terry's The Complete Living Room Tapes on the Art of Life label. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Tab, Please. Review of Finale Guitar and Sibelius G7 notation and tablature computer software programs. By Andrew DuBrock.

Hit List
Claire Holley, Dandelion. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Debashish Bhattacharya and Bob Brozman, Mahima. By Danny Carnahan.
James Reams and Walter Hensley, James Reams and Walter Hensley and the Barons of Bluegrass. By Ian Zack.
Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose, Kelpie. By Teja Gerken.
Nicolai Dunger, Tranquil Isolation. By Nicole Solis.
Todd Snider, Truths and Hotel Rooms. By Drew Pearce.
Banning Eyre, Guitar Atlas: Africa. By Brian Kluepfel.
Corb Lund Band, Five Dollar Bill. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Flook, Rubai. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Michael Horowitz, Gypsy Picking. By David McCarty.
Terence Martin, Sleeper. By Gary Joyner.

School Work. Setting up a guitar-teaching business. What you need to do to set up a guitar-teaching business, from deciding on styles to marketing, fee rates, scheduling, lesson space, and equipment. By Chris Grampp.

Smells Like Team Spirit. Interview/profile of San Francisco Bay Area singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet talking about his approach to songwriting and collaboration. By Mike Thomas.
Equipment Picks: Chuck Prophet's guitars and gear.

Profile. Profile of California luthier Lester DeVoe who has built guitars for Sabica, Paco de Lucia, Vincente Amigo, and Juan Martin. By Stephen Dick.
Review. Review of new circuit breaker cable from D'Addario's Planet Waves division. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Garrison G-41. Garrison Guitars offers solid-mahagany dreadnought G-41. By Teja Gerken.
HumiCase. Guitar Salon International announces heat-reflecting case with humidifier, the HumiCase.
Washburn Rover. Washburn offers new steel-string and nylon-string travel guitars RO10 and RO20.

Slip Sliding Away. A lap-style guitar primer. History of lap-style guitars, including Weissenborn-type instruments, resophonic guitars, electric lap steels, plus and playing styles and popular lap-style tunings. By Andy Volk.

Ax Permits. When and how to secure a CITES permit for guitars made with Brazilian rosewood. By Todd Taggart.
Bridging the Gaps. Practice tips for mastering difficult passages of music, by fracturing a piece of music. By Ben Harbert.
To Glue or Not to Glue. Tips on when and how to glue in loose nuts that slide out of position. By Charlie Hoffman.
What Chord Names Mean, Part Two. Basics. Analysis and explanation of sixths, five, ninth, 11th, 13th, suspended, and altered extension chords. By David Hamburger.
Classical Techniques. Right-Hand Efficiency. Hand position and other tips for effective right-hand techniques for playing classical guitar. By Patrick Francis.

1999 Linda Manzer. Canadian guitar maker Linda Manzer's 1999 wedge-design steel-string cutaway acoustic guitar used by Bruce Cockburn. By Teja Gerken.

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