No. 130, October 2003


Taken by the Wind
Lindsey Buckingham on Fleetwood Mac's exhilarating, guitar-driven comeback, Say You Will. By Paul Zollo.

Equipment Picks: Lindsey Buckingham's guitars and gear.

Land Slide
New Slide Sounds and Techniques from Kevin Breit, Don Rooke, and Steve Dawson. By David Hamburger.

Equipment Picks: Guitars and gear of Candadian slide guitarists Kevin Breit, Don Rooke, and Steve Dawson.

Guitar U.
Where and how to get a college education and/or degree in guitar. By Michael John Simmons.

Mail. Reader letters.

Old Paint. A short history of stencil-painted guitars with photographs by Steve Evans. By Michael John Simmons.
Bluegrass Experience. Profile of bluegrass guitarist Jim Nunally (and his work with David Grisman and Dix Bruce). By Lissy Abraham.
Equipment Picks: Jim Nunally's guitars and gear.

Song Melange. Profile of New York singer-songwriter Paul Brill and the recording of his 'Sisters' LP and EP. By Drew Pearce.
Equipment Picks: Paul Brill's guitars and gear.

Events. DjangoFest Northwest and IBMA World of Bluegrass.
New Releases. 'Heartworn Highways' reissued on DVD, Peter Rowan instructional DVD, new Robert Johnson biography.
Cyber Notes. Classical Guitar Alive! and D A D G A D Coffeehouse websites.

Crazy Dreams. Paul Brady's life and music on DVD. Review of 'The Paul Brady Songbook' DVD. By Danny Carnahan.

Hit List
Eastmountainsouth. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Leadbelly, Take This Hammer. By Duck Baker.
Paul Curreri, Songs for Devon Sproule. By Derk Richardson.
Ray Wylie Hubbard, Growl. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Tim Bluhm, The Soft Adventure/Colts. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Tony Cuffe, Sae Will We Yet. By Danny Carnahan.
Bill Bourne, Voodoo King. By Gary Joyner.
Fapy Lafertin Quartet and Tim Kliphouse, Fine and Dandy. By David McCarty.
Various Artists, Kentucky Mountain Music. By Duck Baker.
Various Artists, Six Strings North of the Border, Vol. 2. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Sid Jacobs, The Bill Evans Guitar Book. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Tom Ball, Dropped-D Tuning for Fingerstyle Guitar. By Ian Zack.

Shop Around. Choosing an online store to sell your CDs. How to sell your independent CD through a website. By Russell Letson.

Front Loader. Why the front end of the audio chain is so important. Advice and recommendations about microphones, preamps, and mixers for home recording. By Teja Gerken.

Review. Ovation and RainSong Graphite/Wood Guitars. Review of new Graphite/Wood Guitars by Ovation (Tangent MOB) and RainSong (P-MJ1000). By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
DR Extra Stringlife. DR Extra Stringlife liquid polymer treatment for guitar strings.
Fender Acoustasonic Strat. Fender's new acoustic Stratocaster model.
Morgan Monroe MD-41-A. Morgan Monroe Acoustic Instruments' new MD-41A Bluegrass Special dreadnought acoustic guitar.
MusiComfort Chairs. Bob Hall and Co.'s new line of ergonomic chairs for musicians.
Sumadek Portable Listening Display. Display rack with built-in CD player and headphones for musicians selling their own CDs.

Neck Surgery. How to scallop a guitar's fretboard. By Abe Wechter.
The Strokes. How to understand the strum arrows in tablature. By Andrew DuBrock.
Zealous for Ziricote. How the tonewood ziricote differs from cocobolo and various rosewoods. By Charles Vega.

Breaking the Solo Barrier. How to approach taking your first solos by starting from the melody. By Sue Thompson.
Fingerstyle Techniques. Understanding and playing the beat, chord changes, and groove of Brazilian bossa nova. By Geoff Stewart.

He Stole Away. Traditional, arranged by Reverend Gary Davis. Music to "He Stole Away". By Duck Baker.

S.S. Stewart Archtop. 19th century banjo maker Samuel Swain Stewart and the legacy of his company, through Keenophone and B&J (Buegeleisen and Jacobsen), and an archtop made in his name around 1940 probably by Harmony. By Michael John Simmons.

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