No. 119, November 2002


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Driving Steel
Seven metal-bodied resonator guitars reviewed. By Teja Gerken.

Gear Delights
The latest guitars, pickups, electronics, and accessories. By Teja Gerken.

Home at Last
Peter Case reflects on the ambling songwriting path that led him to record his most personal CD to date. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of folk-pop songwriter Peter Case.

Mail. Reader letters.

Mood Maven. Pop/jazz singer-songwriter Mae Moore finds inspiration in open tunings, acoustic classics, and jazz trumpet. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of pop singer-songwriter Mae Moore.

Alan Lomax, 1915-2002. Folklorist Alan Lomax dedicated his life to the preservation and collection of folk songs. By Michael John Simmons.
Endangered Tonewoods. Report from the SoundWood Sustainable Tonewood Conference and guitar makers' recent innovations in sustainable woods. By Rick Turner.

Cyber Notes
New Releases.

Mad Scientist. Martin Sexton's new live double-CD set, Live Wide Open, captures the energy and vitality of his concerts. By Bill Meyer.
Skeptic System. Bruce Emery's Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist books provide humorous, insightful, and patient instruction in music theory. By David McCarty.

Hit List
Dale Kavanagh, Reverie: Classical-Romantic Music for Guitar. By Stephen Dick.
Jim Lauderdale, The Hummingbirds and Lost in the Lonesome Pines. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Rene Lacaille and Bob Brozman, Digdig. By Danny Carnahan.
Simon and Garfunkel, Live in New York City, 1967. By Michael John Simmons.
Alastair Moock, A Life I Never Had. By Gary Joyner.
Artie Traum, South of Lafayette. By Julie Bergman.
Blues Guitar Legends. By Ian Zack.
Cole, Kirkpatrick, and Van Dijk, Crows Three. By Scott Nygaard.
Robert Gomez Trio. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

From Prison. Letter from prison about the role of music in one man's life. By Paul Schlueter III.

Got the Time? How to use a metronome to improve your internal clock. Metronomes are invaluable tools to help you learn a piece cleanly and track your progress. By Andrew DuBrock.

Online Folk Radio. Folkscene, Woodsongs, and the King Pup Radio Show are three live folk music programs you can listen to online. By Ben Elder.

From Appalachia to Abilene. An inside-the-studio look at the recording of High Lonesome Cowboy. By Owen Perkins.

Steel-Strung Classical. Why you shouldn't string a nylon-string guitar with steel strings. By Kenny Hill.
Suzuki Guitar. An explanation and history of the Suzuki method of teaching guitar. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Basic Home Recording. Simple, inexpensive equipment picks for recording simple demos and practice tapes. By Teja Gerken.

Pump Up the Volume. Step-by-step instructions to help you either install an under-saddle pickup or better understand what your repair person is doing. By Frank Ford.

Melodies in Sixths. Add cutting power to your melodies by harmonizing them in sixths. By David Hamburger.
Chord Theory
. Learn how to break free from Western triadic chord theory and create your own modal chords. By Scott Nygaard.

Never Going Back Again. Words and music by Lindsey Buckingham. The classic song from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours transcribed. By Andrew DuBrock.

Ribbecke/Manzer Duet. By Julie Bergman.

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