No. 149, May 2005


No Lag Time
Prolific singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco deepens her relatioship with the guitar. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: AG gives you the scoop on Ani DiFranco's guitar arsenal.

Second Course
Six great 12-strings reviewed. By Teja Gerken.

Foreign Cinema
Growing from a trio to a quartet, Tin Hat solidifies its unique, eclectic sound. By Derk Richardson.

Equipment Picks: Tin Hat Trio's Mark Orton details his guitar rig.

Mail. Readers chime in regarding Tony Rice and Peter Rowan, small-bodied acoustics, the March 2005 "Radical Classical" issue, David Hamburger's February 2005 "Creating Chord Progressions" lesson, and more.


Jolie Holland. The restless singer animates her modern songs with spirits and sounds from the past. The 29-year-old folk singer from Houston, Texas, talks about her new album, Escondida. By Mike Thomas.
Equipment Picks: A rundown of the gear Holland used for the Escondida sessions.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott. Michael John Simmons discusses the fascinating story of how Scottish fan Robert Wylie helped unearth a treasure trove of lost Elliott recordings. By Michael John Simmons.

Archiving Arhoolie. Arhoolie Records founder will soon offer his collection of more than 100,000 Mexican tunes to the general public via
El Maestroat Mannes. The New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes, June 29-July 3, in New York City, will feature an impressive roster of master players and honor influential instructor Bruce Holzman. By Julia Crowe.
In Memory. Dudley Hill 1948-2005. Bluegrass, country-rock, and swing legend Dudley Hill passed away from cancer on January 15. By Dave McCarty.
Selected Joni. New recordings by admirers of and those who influenced folk legend Joni Mitchell are now available.

Sound Familiar? How to sound like yourself onstage. Anand Nayak gives you tips on how to get across the best representation of your voice and guitar when you perform live. By Anand Nayak.

John Hammond, In Your Arms Again. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Mary Gauthier, Mercy Now. By Mike Thomas.
Paul Brady, Say What You Feel. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Peter Finger, Dream Dancer. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Kimmie Rhodes, Windblown. By Mike Thomas.
Redbird. By Mike Thomas.
Ray Wylie Hubbard, Delirium. By Celine Keating.
David Russell, Spanish Legends. By Julia Crowe.
Mark Geary, Ghosts. By Drew Pearce.
Bill Horvitz, Tuolumne Songs. By Celine Keating.
Doug MacLeod, Dubb. By Ian Zack.
Marco Pereiro, O Samba Da Minha Terra. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Alastair Moock, Let It Go. By Judith Edelman.
Cantinero, Championship Boxing. By Judith Edelman.
Steve Seskin, Live. By Mike Thomas.

Peterson StroboStomp. AG associate editor Shawn Hammond puts the Peterson StroboStomp tuner stompbox through its paces. By Shawn Hammond.
Tornavoz Iberia Classic Pack. Patrick Francis takes a look at a great classical guitar package that includes everything but a foot stool. By Patrick Francis.
Doolin Guitars. We talk to Portland, Oregon-based luthier Mike Doolin about his unique array of double-cutaway flattops. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Cleartone Strings. Cleartone introduces new long-lasting phosphor-bronze strings with patent-pending Enhanced Molecular Protection.
Ibanez AEF100EACV. Ibanez now offers a single-cutaway flattop equipped with Fishman Aura electronics.
L.R. Baggs M1 Active Pickup. Baggs unveils new active version of the popular M1 soundhole pickup.
Fishman Loudbox Performer. Fishman unveils a smaller, two-channel version of its popular acoustic combo amp.
Tanglewood TW73. British flattop builders finally bring their Asian-made acoustics to the states.

Quick Tuning Tips. Teja Gerken answers a reader question about using multiple tunings during performance. By Teja Gerken.
Undersaddle Compensation. Luthier Rick Turner answers a reader's question about using copper foil under the saddle to increase pressure and compensate for an otherwise weak string. By Rick Turner.
The Sapele Scoop. Charlie Hoffman demystifies a wood that's becoming more and more common in acoustic guitars. By Charlie Hoffman.

Alternate Tunings Made Easy. David Hodge explains alternate tunings from the ground up. By David Hodge.
Blues Chords up the Neck. David Hamburger explains how to get musical results past the fifth fret with commonly used chords. By David Hamburger.

Postscript. Music by Mark Hanson. Mark Hanson explains how to play his fingerstyle ballad. By Mark Hanson.
Down in the Valley to Pray. AG editor Scott Nygaard explains how to play his version of the classic spiritual. By Scott Nygaard.

1942 Gibson TG-7N. We detail a groovy four-string tenor guitar rescued from a trash bin. By Baker Rorick.

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