No. 137, May 2004


American Dreamers
Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug, and the Rise of Taylor Guitars. By Michael John Simmons.

Journey to the Source
Corey Harris tracks down the roots of the blues, from Mississippi to Mali. By Ian Zack.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Corey Harris.

Without a Net
Songwriter Jonatha Brooke flies high on Back in the Circus. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Jonatha Brooke.

Mail. Reader letters about John Mayer, Gordon Lightfoot, Miguel Company guitars, capos, and Blind Willie McTell music.


Gypsy Jazz
Joscho Stephan. The young German guitarist lays claim to Django Reinhardt's throne. Profile of German Gypsy-jazz guitarist Joscho Stephan. By Bill Milkowski.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Gypsy-jazz guitarist Joscho Stephan.

Sarah McLachlan. Resurfacing from love and loss. Profile of singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan upon the release of her CD 'Afterglow'. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.

Celtic Connection
Pat Kilbride. Profile of Irish guitarist Pat Kilbride upon the release of the Battlefield Band CD, Out for the Night. By Danny Carnahan.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Irish guitarist Pat Kilbride.

Agit Folk. Daemon Records and AK Press release new political folk CDs by U. Utah Phillips and David Rovics.
Grammy Honors. Doc Watson received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Grammy winners included Ry Cooder, Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Pat Metheny, Alison Krauss, and A Mighty Wind.
Guitar Collectibles. Bill Dixon self-publishes a guide titled Guitar Collecting: How I built a $65,000 collection of guitars from a $1,000 investment in four years and how you can too!.
John Fahey's Second Best. Fantasy Records releases The Best of John Fahey, Vol. 2, 1964-1983, from the guitarist's later years on the Takoma label.
The Rome Festival. The Rome Festival Orchestra seeks volunteers for the summer 2004 Rome Festival.
Guitar Sonata Unearthed. David Leisner discovers a "lost" three-movement sonata by 19th-century composer Stephen Pratten. By Derk Richardson.
Jeff Tweedy, Poet. Wilco and Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy releases a book of poetry, Adult Head.

From a Hindustani Slide Workshop. Report from Debashish Bhattacharya's slide guitar workshop in New York City. By Mike Brenner.

Bart Davenport, Game Preserve. By Derk Richardson.
Kate Rusby, Underneath the Stars. By Scott Nygaard.
Lucy Kaplansky, The Red Thread. By Simone Solondz.
Mary Flower, Ragtime Gal. By Russell Letson.
The Flatlanders, Wheels of Fortune. By Kenny Berkowitz.
The Great Uncles of the Revolution, Blow the House Down. By Derk Richardson.
Carrie Newcomer, Betty's Diner: The Best of Carrie Newcomer. By Mike Thomas.
Late Bloomers, Sneakin' in the Back Door. By Simone Solondz.
David Leisner, Le Romantique. By Patrick Francis.
Josh Ritter, Hello Starling. By Steve Boisson.
Phil Roy, Issues and Options. By Steve Boisson.
Various Artists, Flatpicking Favorites: Hot and Spicy. By Celine Keating.

Review. Reivew of two new small-body guitars--Epiphone L-00 and Dean 00-R. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Alvarez Yairi MMY1. Monty Montgomery signature Alvarez Yairi MMY1 guitar.
D'Addario Strings. D'Addario adds three new sets to its line of acoustic guitar strings: EXP23 Baritone, EJ37 12-string set, and EJ38H for high-strung Nashville-tuned guitars.
Mackie SRM350. Mackie introduces portable PA speaker, the SRM350.
National Reso-Phonic ResoRocket. National's first cutaway metal-body guitar, the National Reso-Phonic ResoRocket.
Zoom PS-04. Zoom's SmartMedia card-based recorder.

Q&A. Spanish-style Weissenborns. Short history of Weissenborn Spanish-style guitars. By Ben Elder.
Q&A. Snapping G Strings. An explanation about why G strings sometimes break when played in open-E tunings. By Teja Gerken.
Q&A. Those Piedmont Blues. What distinguishes Piedmont blues from other styles from the South, especially the Mississippi Delta and Texas. By Duck Baker.
Q&A. Reader Tip: Extending Your Reach. Reader tip on using a capo to gradually extend your reach for long-stretch chord forms.

Slack-key in Open G. Basics. A lesson in playing Hawaiian slack-key guitar in open-G tuning. By Patrick Landeza.
Alternate Tunings. Lesson in playing slide guitar in C G C F C D tuning. By Martin Simpson.
Alternate Tunings. Lesson in playing slide guitar in C G C F C D tuning. By Martin Simpson.

EKO Ranger XII 12-String. History of the EKO Ranger XII 12-string guitar, which indirectly inspired Bob Taylor to build his first 12-string. By Michael John Simmons.

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