No. 147, March 2005


Radical Classical
New developments in contemporary nylon-string lutherie. By Teja Gerken.

Spontaneous Combustion
Progressive bluegrass masters Peter Rowan and Tony Rice collaborate on a new CD. By David Hamburger.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Peter Rowan and Tony Rice.

English Americana
Pop eccentric Robyn Hitchcock teams up with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. By Derk Richardson.

Equipment Picks: The gear and guitars used by Robyn Hitchcock on Spooked.

Mail. Reader mail about classical guitar, Guy Davis, acoustic classics from the '60s and '70s, Kaki King, Skillet Lickers, and refretting a guitar with fingerboard inlays.


Xuefei Yang. The young Chinese classical guitarist shines in the West. The London-based guitarist talks about her new album, Si Ji, and her struggles for respect among exclusionary peers back home. By Patrick Francis.
Equipment Picks: Guitars and gear used by Xuefei Yang.

On the Edge
Giant Sand. Amerindie Howe Gelb and cohorts stay grounded. Alt-desert-rock legend talks about his band's new album, …Is All Over the Map. By Kimberly Chun.
Equipment Picks: Guitars and gear used by Giant Sand guitarist Howe Gelb.

Jazz Joint
John Carlini and Don Stiernberg. Reinventing the mandolin/guitar duet. Profile of the two players, who talk about their new album, Angel Eyes. By Dave McCarty.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Carlini and Stiernberg.

First Class. The 2004 San Francisco International Classical Guitar Competition and its winner, Thibault Cauvin.
Monkey Do. Dominic Frasca's new boutique performance space, The Monkey, in New York City. By Julia Crowe.
New Releases. New DVDs The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1969 and Blues Legends: Memphis Slim and Sonny Boy Williamson, as well as the new Pocci 2004 guitar reference CD-ROM.
Tech-cellence. Taylor and Martin guitars honored at industry events in the UK and San Francisco.

Guitar and Voice. Singing and playing at the same time. Andrew DuBrock helps you learn to play and sing simultaneously, using easy steps. By Andrew DuBrock.

Aimee Mann, Live at St. Ann's Warehouse. By Drew Pearce.
California Guitar Trio, Whitewater. By Christa Titus.
Various Artists, Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon. By Mike Thomas.
Kathryn Williams, Relations. By Derk Richardson.
Mae Moore and Lester Quitzau, Oh My. By Celine Keating.
Nashville Bluegrass Band, Twenty Year Blues. By Sue Thompson.
The Villa-Lobos Duo, Tanzologia. By Julia Crowe.
Joe Craven, Django Latino. By Dave McCarty.
Leonard Cohen, Dear Heather. By Gary Joyner.
Stefan Grossman, Country Blues Guitar in Open Tunings. By Ian Zack.
Various Artists, Bluegrass Journey. By Dave McCarty.

Review. Breedelove, Simon and Patrick, and Walden Small-Bodies. New auditorium-sized offerings in the $479-$729 range. By Teja Gerken.
Profile. L.R. Baggs. The acoustic-pickup pioneer reminisces about his company's genesis and rise to fame. By Ben Elder.

New Gear
Sadowsky Jim Hall Signature. New York's legendary luthier unveils new Japanese-made archtop.
Sunlite Jumbos. Sunlite adds two new jumbo models to its lineup.
Taylor ES Retrofit. Taylor's Expression System electronics now available for addition to guitars of other brands.
Edirol R-1. Company unveils new portable MP3/WAV recorder.
Mitchel's Platemate. Brass plate that protects internal bridge plate from wear.

Nylon Tension. Understanding different string tensions. By William R. Cumpiano.
Whither Yamaki?. History of '80s Japanese dreadnought maker. By Michael John Simmons.
Three-Note Chord. Explanation about teaching method in Private Lesson Chords and Melodies up the Neck. By Andrew DuBrock.

All-Purpose Rhythm Guitar. A few rhythm techniques useful in a wide variety of playing styles and situations. By Chris Grampp.
Slide Techniques. Covers basics of using various slides and slide tunings with a fingerpicking approach. By Pete Madsen.

1979 Lloyd Baggs Dreadnought. The story behind one of only 30 dreadnoughts made by legendary pickup pioneer Lloyd Baggs. By Ben Elder.

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