Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!™

Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!™

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"Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!"™ 2 DVD set and companion book

Stop dreaming and start playing guitar today! Now you can "attend" the wildly popular Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!™ workshop in the comfort of your home.  Marlene Hutchinson’s creative and simple method of learning to play acoustic guitar in just one day is masterfully captured in this 3 ½ hour 2-DVD set as seen by thousands on PBS.  You’ll learn basic chords, simple strumming and picking patterns, play familiar songs, learn tuning techniques, music theory concepts, tablature, guitar care, string changing, music resources, performance skills, and more!  Marlene’s method makes learning to play guitar easier than ever - there is absolutely no musical or guitar experience required to succeed and, best of all, it’s fun! All you need is your guitar, a tuner, and this 2-DVD set with the companion book.



  • Guitar Anatomy
  • Positioning
  • Tuning Techniques
  • Fingers/Fingering


  • Chord Chart Anatomy
  • 5 chords
  • Chord Progression Chart

More Playing!

  • Music Theory Concepts
  • Strumming Patterns
  • 14 Songs

Guitar Care

  • Maintenance
  • Tools
  • String Changing Demonstration

Even More Playing!

  • Tablature
  • Flat Picking
  • Finger Picking
  • Music Resources

Customer Testimonials:

“It’s a simplified, unintimidating way to learn how to play guitar, easy to understand.”

 "I liked her way of unraveling the mysteries of playing the guitar!"

“It’s great! I don’t have time for weekly lessons and this was the crash course I needed.”

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