No. 138, June 2004


Nylon-String Griot
Malian guitarist/singer Habib Koite talks about his new live CD and the evolution of his guitar style. By Banning Eyre.

Equipment Picks: Habib Koite's guitars and gear.

Inspirational Accessories
Using inexpensive guitar paraphernalia to jump-start the creative process. By Michael John Simmons.

The News from Gearsville
The latest guitars, amps, pickups, and electronics. By Teja Gerken.

Mail. Reader letters about the Wedge guitar, reading AG in East Timor, and the Februrary issue contents.


Mindy Smith. Poised to continue Dolly Parton's legacy. Profile of rising country singer-songwriter Mindy Smith upon the release of her debut CD One Moment More. By Craig Havighurst.
Equipment Picks: Mindy Smith's guitars and gear.

On the Edge
Nels Cline. Profle and interview with avant-garde guitarist and new Wilco member Nels Cline, who talks about his acoustic roots. By Derk Richardson.
Equipment Picks: Nels Cline's guitars and gear.

Lutherie Lore
The Millionth Martin. The story behind the making of C.F. Martin's one millionth guitar, with an inside look at its design, construction, and inlay ornamentation. By Richard Johnston.

Acoustic Oscars. Alison Krauss, Mitch and Mickey, and Elvis Costello are among the acoustic performers at the 76th Academy Awards ceremony. By Nicole Solis.
Shearer's Mastery. The new DVD 'Aaron Shearer: A Life with the Gutar' is released.
Ten Years of Acoustic Café Radio. Syndicated acoustic music radio show Acoustic Café celebrates its tenth anniversary.
World Guitar Congress. Ralph Towner, David Russell, Tony Rice, and others perform at the First World Guitar Congress in Maryland.
Your Song May Already Be a Winner. USA Songwriting Contest announces its 2003 winners and 2004 deadline, and Windrift Music Songwriting Competition announces 2004 entry deadline.

What's That Sound? Learning songs off records. Tips on how to learn to play songs off recordings. By David Hamburger.
What's That Sound? Transcribing Tools. Recommended transcribing machines for learning music off recordings. By Teja Gerken.

Chris Hickey, Release. By Drew Pearce.
Ken Hatfield Trio, The Surrealist Table. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Paco de Lucia, Cositas Buenas. By Stephen Dick.
Claus Boesser-Ferrari and Hans Reffert, Nachmittag Eines Fauns. By Gary Joyner.
El McMeen, Dancing the Strings, Celtic to Contemporary. By Celine Keating.
Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur, Sisters and Brothers. By Ian Zack.
Glen Bonham, Glen Bonham. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Helsinki Mandoliners, 2. By Sue Thompson.
Janis Ian, Billie's Bones. By Mike Thomas.
Lasse Johansson, Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar. By Ian Zack.
Nerissa and Katryna Nields, This Town Is Wrong. By Mike Thomas.

Profile. Greenfield Guitars. Profile of Montreal-based luthier Michael Greenfield. By Michael John Simmons.

Microphone Tips. Using a microphone to amplify your guitar. Tips on what microphones to use to amplify an acoustic guitar, and how to use them. By Steven Stone.

Plastic Maccaferri Parts. How to replace a broken peg on a plastic Maccaferri archtop guitar, with a brief history of the instruments. By Michael John Simmons.
Good Vibrations. Combined air/wood resonance frequency and "rum-jug" resonance: how they are generated on guitars. By William R. Cumpiano.
Silk Wraps. An explanation of "silk wraps" or fingernail reinforcements for fingerstyle players. By Teja Gerken.

Songwriting for Guitarists.
Songwriting for Guitarists. Using guitar chords to generate ideas for songwriting. By Andrew DuBrock.
Rhythm Techniques. Chord substitutions in blues, jazz, and swing. By David Hamburger.
Blues Techniques. Sliding from the minor third to the major third of a chord to embellish a fingerpicked blues style. By Ernie Hawkins.

A Night in Frontenac. Music by Beppe Gambetta. Music to "A Night in Frontenac". By Craig Havighurst.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Beppe Gambetta.

1978 D'Aquisto Dreadnought. By George Gruhn.

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