No. 139, July 2004


Django for a Day
Playing the part of Django Reinhardt in a movie was a dream come true. By John Jorgenson.

Equipment Picks: John Jorgenson's guitars and gear.

Nashville Manouche
John Jorgenson's voyage on the Gypsy jazz caravan. By Michael John Simmons.

Pick 'Em Up
Nine New Pickup Systems Reviewed. By Teja Gerken.

Spinning a Web
How independent musicians are using creative approaches and new technology to promote themselves online. By Craig Havighurst.

Mail. Reader letters about Q&A, article content, online lessons, John Mayer, and The Acoustic Guitar Method.


Matt Nathanson. Irrepressible singer-songwriter ignites the fireworks. Profile of San Francisco singer-songwiter Matt Nathanson upon the release of his CD Beneath these Fireworks. By Andrew DuBrock.
Equipment Picks: Matt Nathanson's guitars and gear.

Slidin' Around
Cindy Cashdollar. Western swingster releases her first solo CD. Profile of slide and resophonic guitar wizard Cindy Cashdollar on the release of her debut solo CD 'Slide Show'. By Andy Volk.
Equipment Picks: Cindy Cashdollar's guitars and gear.

Peter Finger. The hardest working man in acoustic music finds more time for his guitar. Profile of German fingerstyle guitarist and entrepreneur Peter Finger; the publisher of Akustik Gitarre and producer of International Guitar Night, releases a new CD, Blue Moon. By Teja Gerken.
Equipment Picks: Peter Finger's guitars and gear.

Old Friends
Bernie Leadon. Profile of ex-Eagle and Flying Burrito Brother Bernie Leadon as he releases his first solo album, Mirror. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Equipment Picks: Bernie Leadon's guitars and gear.

Blues in Black and White. Dick Waterman publishes his blues, folk, and rock photographs in Between Midnight and Day:the Last Unpublished Blues Archive.
Jerry Lives. Rhino records releases six-CD retrospective box set, All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Recordings.
Label It "Brazil". Mandolinist/guitarist Mike Marshall collaborates in the founding of a new record label, Adventure Music, dedicated to Brazilian and other Latin American musical styles. By Derk Richardson.
Parkinsongs. Bonnie Raitt, Greg Brown, David Crosby, and others contribute songs to benefit CD, ParkinSong, Vol. One: 38 Songs of Hope.
Rambin' with Woody. Ed Cray writes new biography of Woody Guthrie, Ramblin' Man: the Life and Times of Woody Guthrie.

From the First 'Acoustic Guitar' Cruise. AG publisher David Lusterman's letter from the first Acoustic Guitar Cruise aboard the Norwegian Wind. By David A. Lusterman.


Adam Tanner and the Dirty Rag Mob, Rare Rags and Stringband Blues. By Sue Thompson.
David Byrne, Grown Backwards. By Derk Richardson.
Peter Mulvey, Kitchen Radio. By Simone Solondz.
Kathy Kallick, Reason and Rhyme. By Mike Thomas.
Marco Pereira, Original. By Teja Gerken.
Marty Grosz and his Hot Puppies, Rhythm is Our Business. By Duck Baker.
Max Wolff, I'm Bonafide. By Ian Zack.
Michael Fix, Web of Dreams. By Celine Keating.
South Austin Jug Band. By Nick A. Zaino.
Barrett Tagliarino, Guitar Fretboard Workbook. By Gary Joyner.
Larry Cordle and LST, Lonesome Skynyrd Time: A Bluegrass Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd. By Mike Thomas.

Review. Antonio Loriente Clarita Classical. Review of Tornavoz Music company's Clarita model in the Antonio Loriente classical line. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3. Cakewalk offers upgrade to its Guitar Tracks recording software.
Desca Music Stand. Desca offers a fold-up music stand.
GIGmate Pro. GIGmate offers a guitar tool kit with handy equipment and storage compartments.
Martin D-41 Special. C.F. Martin and Co. issues new version of its original D-41.
Shadow ACP 1. Shadow Electronics offers a new cable preamp.

Maskanda Breakdown. A description of the South African musical style known as maskanda, including its tunings. By Marc Maingard.
Koa Considerations. The advantages and disadvantages of using koa as the tonewood for guitar soundboards. By Richard Johnston.
Piezo Puzzler. The story behind the RMC bridge pickups with separate piezo crystals in individual saddles for each string of an acoustic guitar. By Allen Lam.

Power Chords. An introduction to playing power chords, with a primer in muting techniques. By Adam Levy.
Exploring New Sounds. How to generate natural and artificial harmonics on guitar strings, and how to adapt them into your playing. By Patrick Francis.

Little Sadie. A fingerstyle arrangement of and tips on how to play "Little Sadie". By David Hamburger.

Parisian Waltz. Music by Muriel Anderson. Music to "Parisian Waltz". By Jim Ohlschmidt.
Equipment Picks: Muriel Anderson's guitars and gear.

Alan Perlman Arch-Harp Guitar. The story behind the Alan Perlman Arch-Harp Guitar commissioned by James Kline. By Teja Gerken.

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