No. 145, January 2005


Quarter-Century Quartet
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet anticipates its 25th anniversary with a tribute to its heroes. By Patrick Francis.

Equipment Picks: The LAGQ's guitars, strings, and cases.

Southern Stories
Guy Davis finds his calling in old-fashioned country blues. By Ian Zack.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear used by Guy Davis.

The Bohemian Road
Sixties flower-power icon Donovan returns with a new recording, Beat Café. By Derk Richardson.

Equipment Picks: Donovan's guitars and accessories.

Mail. Reader letters about jumbo flattops, Calexico, Eric Clapton, classic '60s and '70s transcriptions, and more.


Slidin' Around
Tony Furtado. Profile of banjo and slide guitar virtuoso as he begins to sing his own songs with the release of These Chains. By David Gold.
Equipment Picks: Tony Furtado's guitars, banjos, and gear.

Classical Corner
Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque. Unclassifiable classical duo is ignited by world rhythms and jazz. Profile of the Chicago-based guitarists who collaborated on the new CD Seven Boats. By Celine Keating.
Equipment Picks: Ivanovic and Haque's guitars and equipment.

Bluegrass Kudos. International Bluegrass Music Association Award winners.
Bob Dylan's American Journey. Early career exhibit opens at Seattle's Experience Music Project.
Kings and Queens of Americana. Americana Music Association Award winners.
On the Web. Online Apprentice offers "distance learning" in classical lutherie.
Your Money Back. SoundExchange collects and disburses royalties.
New Releases. Heavenly Bodies. Photographer Ralph Gibson and guitarist Andy Summers collaborate on Light Strings, a book of abstract guitar photography.
New Releases. Alternate Tunings. Patrick R. Breen issues new edition of his Guide to Alternate Tunings for Guitar.

Casual Classical. Tips on playing restaurants and weddings for classical guitarists. How to approach performing casual gigs. By Mark Small.

Jackie Greene, Sweet Somewhere Bound. By Mike Thomas.
Ray Bonneville, Roll It Down. By Celine Keating.
Ricardo Silveira/Luis Avellar, Live: Play the Music of Milton Nascimento. Bola Sete, Live at Grace Cathedral. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
The Stanley Brothers, An Evening Long Ago. By Sue Thompson.
Nathan, Jimson Weed. By Scott Nygaard.
Steve James, Del Rey, Tonight. By Ian Zack.
Bill Cooley, A Turn in the Road. By Jim Ohlschmidt.
John Russell, Ute Volker, Mathieu Werchowski, Three Planets. By Duck Baker.
Reinier Voet and Pigalle44, Swing for Bop. By Dave McCarty.
Gypsy Jazz Instruction. Roman and Derek Sebastian, L'Esprit Manouche, John Jorgenson, Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar, Greg Ruby, Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook, Michael Horowitz, Unaccompanied Django. By Michael John Simmons.
Mississippi Sheiks, Honey Babe, Let the Deal Go Down: The Best of Mississippi Sheiks. By Duck Baker.
Steve Tallis and the Holy Ghosts, Loko. By Gary Joyner.

Profile. Kenny Hill. A visit with the California classical luthier. By Michael John Simmons.
Review. High-End Instrument Cables. New acoustic instrument cables from Evidence Audio and Monster. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Audio-Technica Pro 70. A new miniature cardioid condenser microphone.
Giannini Guitars. Brazilian-made Craviolas, guitars, basses, and more available in US.
Patrick James Eggle Guitars. High-end guitars from North Carolina.

Flipped over Hendrix. How he played left-handed. By Teja Gerken.
Putting Music on the Page. Software for transcribing and engraving music. By Andrew DuBrock.
Stop, Don't Look, Listen. Tips for memorizing music. By Mark Hanson.

Understanding Modes. A primer in learning and playing in seven different modes. By Adam Levy.
Classical Techniques. Developing left-hand technique for classical guitar. By Patrick Francis.

1957 Ignacio Fleta. A unique classical guitar from the Spanish luthier. By Michael John Simmons.

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